AimTD LLC provides a wide range of data collection and engineering services supporting both public and private clients. All team members are experienced, full time staff who can leverage their collective experience to ensure the successful completion of your project in a timely manner. 

We currently have over 200 automatic traffic recorders and 25 electronic count boards in our inventory, allowing us to collect data on jobs varying from small surveys to large state-wide projects. We utilize equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • Peek Traffic, Inc
  • Wavetronix
Field technical data collection service includes corridor travel time, parking lot occupancy, queuing studies, license plate surveys, video taping, saturation flow, traffic, video application and other services.

Traffic data collection includes traffic volume (directional and bi-directional), turning movement counts, gap studies, vehicle classification, intersection delay, speed studies, manual classification count and pedestrian count.

Transit data collection includes hour of services, occupancy, frequency, overall travel time, travel time between designated stops, headway, crowding, and reliability.